Where To Find Coupons For Groceries

Finding Money Saving Manufacturers Grocery Coupons

search for coupons onlineMore and more families are using grocery coupons to help them save on their monthly grocery bill. They know that they can get cheap groceries or even free groceries by maximizing their use of free coupons for groceries.

A great way to maximize your savings when using coupons to do your grocery shopping is to build up a hoard of coupons so that when sales are on, you will be able to take full advantage of the sales and be able to stockpile grocery items at the lowest price possible.

Finding the coupons you need does take some effort, but you will find that the effort is worth the money saved on your monthly grocery bill. If you are new to buying your groceries with manufacturers’ coupons, you may not have considered all the places where you can find your coupons. So presented below is rundown of some places to find free coupons for groceries.

The Sunday Newspaper: The traditional place to look for money saving coupons is the newspaper. Nearly 90% of all manufacturers coupons for groceries issued in the United States are still circulated as inserts in your Sunday papers. It’s hit or miss getting the coupons you need but don’t give up on the Sunday newspaper as the starting point for your grocery coupons collecting.

Magazine: Many manufacturers still also use magazines to promote their products and often times will include discount coupons for the product in the advertising layouts, or as inserts between the pages of the magazine. Your best bet to finding grocery coupons would be in magazines relating to cooking, healthy eating, family, such as Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, etc.

Entertainment Book: You may also want to try entertainment books. Schools and community groups usually sell these books as fund raisers. Most if not all major population centers in the country will have their own version. The books are usually local specific, and are full of local advertisements and discount coupons for businesses ranging from the local bowling alley to movie theaters, chain supermarket and grocery stores to McDonald’s.

Coupon Swap Clubs: Coupon swap clubs are not well known but they do exist all over the country. If you can’t find a club near your neighborhood, start your own. It doesn’t have to be a formal club with many members. It could be as simple as trading coupons you don’t need with friends or neighbors. You and your coupons clipping group can make clipping coupons for groceries even easier for each other by exchanging a list of items that each use the most and be on the lookout for these products’ coupons.

Internet: You can always find the grocery coupons you need on the Internet.  There are many online grocery coupons sites where you can search for and get free printable grocery coupons. Some sites will also automatically email you the coupons that you are interested in. Some sites are free with only a registration required and some sites charge a small fee. Legally, manufacturers’ coupons are free and no one can be charged a fee for any coupons. If you are charged a fee, the fees are usually nominal and classified as clipping and/or shipping and handling charges.  Don’t give up personal information on coupons sites that you are unsure of and beware of fake coupons. Legitimate coupons should have expiration dates and bar codes on them.

Manufacturers’ Sites: Most people don’t think about getting coupons directly from the product manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer printable coupons online from their company or product website offer coupons for their brands. Some sites require you to register before you can access the free grocery coupons to print out at home and other sites let you print coupons without any bother. If you prefer to get your grocery coupons by snail mail, many manufacturers also let you sign up for free coupons to be sent to your home by regular mail.

eBay: If you don’t want to spend the time to track down and clip grocery coupons yourself, go to eBay. There are many sellers selling coupons for groceries. Just be sure you know exactly what coupons you are buying and that the coupons have not expired. Keep in mind that with coupons on eBay, you are not paying for the coupons themselves but for the coupon clipping service.

Coupon Clipping Services: If you don’t want to deal with eBay to get your grocery coupons and don’t mind paying someone else to collect the coupons for you, you can sign up with the many coupon clipping services online, such as TheCouponCarryOut.com. The cost of the service is low and usually includes a nominal fee for clipping the coupons and shipping and handling.

Digital Coupons or Paperless Coupons:If you want to save money on groceries but don’t like to deal with cutting, printing, and sorting paper coupons, you may want to try digital coupons just like paper coupons. You can also try digital coupons that are downloaded directly to your supermarket loyalty card or supersaver card. The added benefit of digital coupons is that you can usually stack these coupons with paper coupons, so you can get your groceries dirt cheap or even free.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets: You can also find coupons for groceries inside grocery stores and supermarkets themselves. There are coupons in the store’s advertising flyer. There are also coupon dispensers, called “Blinkie” for the blinking light on the units. These units are usually stationed near the product that the coupon is meant to promote. Don’t forget to look on the back of your register receipts at the check out for discount coupons on groceries that you can use on your next grocery shopping trip, or other local businesses and services.

Libraries: Don’t overlook your local libraries. Some libraries set up bins for coupon swaps near the newspaper and magazine section. You can pickup free coupons that you need and drop off the ones you don’t need. If your local library doesn’t have a coupon bin, make a suggestion to start one. Other people will be grateful and you will have another source of free grocery coupons.

It’s easier than ever to finding grocery coupons. Whether you do it the time-honored method of thumbing through the Sunday newspaper, print them off the Internet, or trade for them, using grocery coupons is an easy way to save money and stretch your monthly food dollars.


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