Save Money On Groceries with Rain Checks

How To Save Money On Groceries By Taking a Rain Check

rain checkDid you know that if a grocery store or supermarket runs out of an advertised special-sale item, you can ask for rain checks.

Unless the advertisement specifically states the exact number of that item available at the store, or generally that the quantities of the item is limited, the store probably will offer you some form of compensation.

Not only is it good customer service for the store to try to keep you happy, but The Federal Trade Commission’s “Unavailability Rule” dictates it. The FTC put the “Unavailability Rule” in place to protect consumers from “bait and switch” practices. The rule spells out how, and if, you and other customers should be compensated.

It is frustrating to rush to a grocery store or supermarket looking for that advertised grocery item at an unbelievable price only to find the shelves empty. However, you can turn that frustration into an opportunity to save more money on your future grocery bills.

A rain check is like an I.O.U. issued to you by the store. With it you can buy that out-of-stock grocery item that is on sale today, two or three or even four weeks later, at today’s advertised sale price.

The “Unavailability Rule” allows a store to substitute the out-of-stock item with a comparable item, or offer you a rain check to buy the advertised item at another date at the same advertised price. A rain check usually has an expiration date of a few weeks from the sales date.

However, if one rain check is good, more is better, especially for items that you like and use often. To get the most out of rain checks you need to stock up on a few or as many as you want. The rain checks let you buy the same item at the lower sale price in the future without waiting for another sale to come around. It’s like having a hedge against a price increase on the item. Of course, you can combine the use of a rain check with manufacturer grocery coupons to buy the item and save even more money.

You can stock up on the rain checks by going back to the store a few times, knowing that the item is still out-of-stock, and each time asking for another rain check. The few extra rain checks lets you plan your grocery budget better, since you can now spread out the cost of buying a supply of the item over several days or weeks. You save money on being able to buy more of the item at a lower price with the rain checks and from not having to buy more of a perishable item than you can use at one time.

Depending on the store, customer service is usually where you will go to get your rain check. Rain checks are great ways to save money on your groceries so get them and use them with your grocery coupons whenever you get the chance.

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