Paying for Grocery Coupons

Buy Your Grocery Coupons  – Save Time and Still Save Money

If you don’t want to spend the time that is required to locate and clip the coupons for groceries yourself, you can find what you need on eBay. There are many sellers on eBay selling manufacturers coupons for groceries.

Some of these sellers are coupon clippers themselves who end up with extra grocery coupons that they cannot use and decide to sell them to other people on eBay. Several coupons are usually bundles together and sold as a group of related products for a few pennies to the total discount value of the coupons. There are also coupon sellers on eBay that are running full time coupon clipping business away from eBay and are using eBay to supplement their regular business. These coupon sellers usually get their supply of coupons from the online grocery coupon sites, directly from manufacturers, or clipping them from the Sunday newspapers, the same sources that you would use to find grocery coupons.

Since eBay rules, and most if not all manufacturers, do not allow the sale of the actually grocery coupons, a coupon seller can’t charge you for the coupons themselves, but instant they charge you a fee for their clipping services and sending you the coupons.

The eBay rules also require the seller to send you the physical coupons. The seller cannot send you an email with a link to a site to get the printable coupons, or an attachment of coupons that you print out yourself. If a seller tries to sell you coupons by offering you a link to a website, report the seller to eBay and do business with someone else.  There are many other legitimate eBay sellers selling manufacturers coupons.

If you are uncomfortable buying grocery coupons on eBay, try some of the coupon clipping services on the Internet, away from eBay.

If you do decide to buy your coupons for groceries on eBay, just be sure you know exactly which coupons you are buying, that the coupons have not expired, and that they will not expire before they get to you. Make sure all this information is clearly listed in the auction description. If the description is unclear, and you really want the set of coupons, ask the seller to answer any questions you may have before committing to buy the coupons. Do not pay for coupons that you don’t want or need.

Paying someone else to clip your manufacturers’ coupons can save you time and money. However, do keep in mind that with getting coupons for groceries on eBay, you are paying for the clipping service and not for the coupons, which are free.

Do not pay more for the service that what the manufacturers’ grocery coupons are worth. Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose of using coupons for your groceries – which is to save money on your grocery bills.


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